The Great Orange Wall of …



It isn’t great, but it did a good of seprating the pork & shrimp.

I came to Hunan ‘Gourmet Chinese Food’ its just down the hall from my room.

I had Shrimp & Pork, Hunan Style. It was really good.

How was your dinner?

Dinner & Candy



On the yester I had the pleasure of going to Merrick’s Ranch House. I had the 8 oz Halibut steak, with smashed potatoes & a saladid.

On Monday 05/02/V3.1 I mentioned the romnce candy, well here it is kiddos. It is Twizzlers, bet you didn’t see that coming. This is from Doug H. Of King of Queens.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

Twitter Updates for 2011-05-04

  • @USCHO_Semisch I think you are missing how this twitter instantaneous communicating works. You replied over 3 hours AFTER I posted this. #
  • @JulieBlackmon Your body knows what it wants. #
  • @DOiiNG_Me_24_7 What song are you listening too? #
  • Good Morning & Happy Tuesday from Vernon J & ‘the family’ (@ Headquarters of Vernon 3.0 & Beyond) #
  • @CThongklin Morning to you, as I was putting my contacts in I thought I heard a 2nd familar voice from 2 weeks ago. No Sheila though. #
  • @USCHO_Semisch Yes, so you can understand how when I posted it was correct & B. I’m 31 & rise at 5. I go to bed before the news comes on. #
  • My BMI is 22.78, I gained .741 KG’s in 23 days, & my Wii fit Age is 23. I’m still rocking the SwimSuit body! #
  • @USCHO_Semisch yes, I must have heard (from twitter) that NDP won. Good thing I don’t believe ANYTHING I rea… (cont) #
  • @action3news is doing a story about #SwimSuit season, turn it on RIGHT NOW(if you want) #
  • @BarbInNebraska I’m sure my BMI is in the underweight range, so its not correct. Have fun today1 # Continue reading “Twitter Updates for 2011-05-04”

Personal Responsbility is NOT overrated.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday.

Todayis Wednesday 05/04/V3.1 & I’m coming to you live from North Platte, NE.

I’m also heading to McCook, NE.

I’m going to head to the ‘free’ breakfast and evaluate it & than proceed to a restaurant to get breakfast.  YES I’m being judgmental.  Do you have a problem with that?

I’m also watching a local news station from Lincoln our here in NP.  Here’s a little story, So there was a story, a story about the internet virus.  The newscaster didn’t click on  the link because it sounded suspicious.  That’s personal responsibility.

The word of the day is bushwhack which means to defeat, especially by surprise or ion an underhanded way.

Have a GREAT & Wonderful day.