Looks good to me

So I’m back in North Platte & heading west on E. 4th St.

I see Al’s Smokehouse has a lunch special(11 to 2) for $5.99.

After carefully filling the car’s tank, I head back west.

I had a pulled pork sammich, round-up beans, & the cheesy jalapeno potatoes.

I didn’t go wrong with this local joint.

Quotes from the World for Tuesday 05/03/V3.1

From not the gravest of Divines,
Accept for once some serious Lines.

Jonathan Swift
Jonathan Swift (1667–1745), Anglo-Irish poet, satirist, clergyman. Stella’s Birthday, March 13, 1726/27 (l. 13–14). . .

The Complete Poems [Jonathan Swift]. Pat Rogers, ed. (1983) Penguin Books.

Twitter Updates for 2011-05-03

  • Good Morning & Happy Monday! (@ Headquarters of Vernon 3.0 & Beyond) http://4sq.com/jeWVHp #
  • Today is Monday & we all know that Vernon J of Vernon 3.0 & Beyond <3's Monday!!!

    Happy, Happy, Happy Monday!!!… http://fb.me/ZNVZ68pg #

  • @action3news Your 'Rest Easy' story is on at 22:00, I'll be sleeping. #LateNews #Funny #
  • PANTS!!! #
  • @IciAdisti Very thoughtful #
  • @Sugarlandmusic – Something More #NowPlaying http://youtu.be/Gp5foT32tKM #
  • I'm at No Frills Supermarket (820 N Saddle Creek Rd, At California St, Omaha) http://4sq.com/iNUdqT #
  • Another safe trip. http://twitpic.com/4sc9eh 386 MI #
  • I'm at Food Bank for the Heartland (6824 J St, Omaha) http://4sq.com/lg0LpS #
  • Vernon 3.0 & Beyond would like to wish Randi Ransom a VERY HAPPY Birthday.

    Happy Birthday Randi, enjoy your special day. #

  • I'm at Food Bank for the Heartland (6824 J St, Omaha) http://4sq.com/jr7Joq #
  • Have you watched Phrase of the Week Vol. 1 Week 49? http://bit.ly/jtKQrR #
  • @DivaKatrina Because Usama, contains USA. cc @AndreaMaleki @astenn77 #
  • Do I have @Vernon J's Pineapple Upside-Down Cake or @janecepotter's Pina Colada cupcakes. #ToughDecisions for our teammates #
  • What's happening? All the cool kids are watching Phrase of the Week Vol. 1 Week 49? http://bit.ly/jtKQrR #
  • @MikeBforBoss Mike SNAP is a prograqm to get food dollars in people hands. Visit our site for more info. http://bit.ly/kHVg41 #
  • I was just reading http://hannahlouisaduran.tumblr.com/ Hannah(@HanLovesDen ) you haven't updated in awhile. #
  • @faydra_deon I called my neighbor to close my windows yesterday. #
  • Since some people just don't get it. Use Proper Cell Phone Etiquette at #work http://bit.ly/jdOe5o #
  • @daniellaaftw A romantic relationship? #
  • @Deb_Meyer Yes, I drove in this morning instead of riding #OMetro #
  • @BrandiMarieXO Congrats Brandi, are you moving to Chicago/ #
  • @benhemmen I think you had checked into home or something. #
  • I've only used 1,208 text message since Monday 04/11/V3.1, I feel bad. I need to use more of my unlimited text messages. #
  • One DM: you can say ANYTHING YOU WANT and I CAN'T REPLY! Re-post this and see what DM's you get! #
  • Honey, I'm home (@ Headquarters of Vernon 3.0 & Beyond) http://4sq.com/mSg8jD #
  • @_Cerridwen_ I've only used 36/450 mins, 101/Unlimited mobile to mobile, & 50 night & weekend. I don't talk much. How was your #Monday #
  • @daniellaaftw okay, best of luck!!! #
  • Did you just get off work, well you're in luck. Have you watched Phrase of the Week Vol. 1 Week 49? http://bit.ly/jtKQrR #
  • I got my 1st postcard from http://SendSomething.net today. Thanks Laura. Have you registered? #
  • @danholke haha. That's funny. Dan the Post Man!! #
  • @omavs earn share of @TheMIAA Regular-Season Title after sweep. http://bit.ly/jw4HF9. GOOD JOB LADIES!!! #
  • @minda33 Are you okay? #
  • I need to look though all my pictures & design a postcard to send to people. #
  • @minda33 Okay good, you should have a piece of pie. #
  • @jennlbaldwin Are you coming 'home'? #
  • Omaha's Team has moved up in the NCAA West Regional @UNO_Golf @omavs Good Job ladies. http://bit.ly/kiQ2Fr Moved up 1 spot to 8th. #
  • Got a letter from @statefarm. I wonder what they would like to share? #
  • @GigglesSilly What's the url for your personal blog post? #
  • @Action3Matthews You are 'looking good' or whatever the professional phrase of that is :-)\ #
  • I could buy you a @DennysGrandSlam & still pay my rent. I'm rich!!! #
  • @jennlbaldwin okay. Good thing you aren't coming tomorrow or Wed, I wouldn't be able to hold up a sign to welcome you back. #
  • We're having an earthquake. Put my liquor down & get outta my house. Line from Dharma & Greg!!! #
  • @Bella_Cupcake Okay, but do I have to put the pictures up? Please say yes!!! #
  • @faydra_deon I'm having some @Blue_Bunny FroYo tonight. #
  • @faydra_deon All Natural Frozen Yogurt Caramel Praline Crunch http://bit.ly/ld76BK Only 4g of fat per 68g(suggested serving). #
  • @_Cerridwen_ Good I <3 #Monday #039;s. Doing some whites & eating #dinner #
  • @_Cerridwen_ My brother & sister broke my leg, I learned not to be sick & lay on the couch. #Lessons from Childhood. #
  • When you're having an argument, make sure you turn the lights off when you leave the room. #
  • @faydra_deon its gonna be tough, but I gotta do what I gotta do. #
  • @_Cerridwen_ It'd probably be funny & you'd win the discussion. #
  • @LaLaLinda101 What kind of gas mileage does it get? #
  • @divakatrina How was your daytime home? #
  • @DivaKatrina It was a good day. Lots of successful work. I haven't been to the website. Not really in the market for Oil & Supply #
  • @DivaKatrina How was the Party? #
  • @CThongklin Have you heard about the New NASA #weather project? #
  • @CThongklin Yes. http://bit.ly/lRm8oR RIGHT NOW, #
  • @CThongklin You're welcome. Enjoy your night, see ya in the morning!!! #
  • What has Rachel Blison done besides the Magnum Ice Cream commercials? #
  • I was reading @hotdishblog http://bit.ly/jqZcln & I'd buy that ice cream. #
  • Oops #
  • @DivaKatrina All though the town, Vernon was stiring. It was good. Wonderful time!!! #
  • 2 things, he isn't from Detroit, & he does commercials for a local ford dealer. His agent screwed him on one of the deals. #
  • YEŞ, that's what I'm talking bout. #
  • If you watch an Omaha local news station, they are going to tell us about twitter. #
  • @jara_b Welcome back to The Big O! #
  • This guy has got to #iron http://twitpic.com/4sktvd #
  • RT @chrissie_: Remind me to take a photo of this asshole and plaster it all over twitter. #
  • My social network tool is up for grabs. I challenge @twitter & @UberMedia offer. I put 2000 (pennies) to buy it. #
  • Its so NICE that my smoke CO detector, can self-test it self. #
  • Almost time to call it a day? Well you can watch Phrase of the Week Vol. 1 Week 49 http://bit.ly/jtKQrR #
  • @GigglesSilly Goodnight, I'm hearing that NDP won. #CandianElections #
  • There comes a time in Vernon J 's life when he must bid his day adieu, T – 6 mins. #

The bag is pack & the socks are on

Today is Tuesday 05/03/V3.1 & its the second day of the work week.

I say the bag is packed because I’m heading to North Platte today, gonna ride I-80 like its just sitting there. I’ll be back on Thursday Omaha, so behave yourself.

I finalized my postcard choice, maybe if you are lucky, or I have you address you will get one.  haha. My address is at the bottom of the site, & the mailbox is always waiting to accept.

Good breakfast this morning & the dishes are all clean.

The word of the day is purlieu and it means A place where one may range at large; confines or bounds.

Have a GREAT day!!!