Tomorrow’s Weather

Tomorrow in Omaha it is supposed to be 15 – degrees with a 30% chance of PM Showers.

Tomorrow in Grand Island it is supposed to be 10 – degrees with a 30% chance of Isolated T-Storms.

Tomorrow Night in North Platte it is supposed to be 6 – degrees with a 20% Chance of Precip.

If from this impression you get that I will be in those 3 cities tomorrow, you are correct.  Good Job.

I have SNAP outreach tomorrow in Grand Island.  There is a Minority Health Fair Sunday from 12:00 to 16:00.

I then have meetings & outreach on Monday in North Platte, NE.  I’ll be staying at a hotel in North Platte.  Wish me luck.  I picked a different hotel, because that breakfast at the last one was crap.  I need luck on ensuring I get good breakfast.  As I will be staying there Monday night as well.

If my posts on here or twitter seem grochy, please say something.  Becasue that is UNACCEPTABLE behavior from Vernon J.

Good Night & Sweet Dreams.

Quotes from the Worlf for Saturday 04/16/V3.1

The cemetery isn’t really a place to make a statement.

Mary Elizabeth Baker
Mary Elizabeth Baker, U.S. cemetery committee head. As quoted in Newsweek magazine, p. 15 (June 13, 1988).

Head of a Concord, Massachusetts, cemetery committee, she was referring to a tombstone located near those of the great authors Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) and Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862); it read, “Who the hell is Sheila Shea?”

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-16

1st song of the day

Doobie Brothers – Minute By Minute.

Has anyone played this at their wedding?

Happy Saturday – GrassPad

Today is Saturday 04/16/V3.1.  It’s a perfect multiplication kind of day.

I have my MOST exciting day of the week today, I’m going to see Circque Du Soleil : Dralion. I actually brought floor seats, never done that before. The tickets were $4000, worked hard for these tickets.

The word of the day is undertone which means a color modified by an underlying color.

Have a GREAT Saturday, & don’t worry.