A few things

So if you saw this picture,you know that I wore a toga on Friday 04/09/V3.1! this is me complaing(kinda), fair warning! I ran into a lady who I have had professional contact with.

We proceed to discuss an issue, that she was having. We’re NOT friends! She wonder what I was enjoying & proceeded to also enjoy some of it, WHAT the drink :-).  She also started ‘inspecting’ my toga, I lost some pins throughout the night.

She inspected careful enough that there was a little tag ‘inspected by 6’.  NOT cool, I don’t inspect your clothes, you shouldn’t be inspecting my clothes.

Thanks though!!!

All Clean

My Condo is all* clean.

That means my day is 25% complete.

The 75% left is ALL fun.

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-09


@USCHO_Semisch I actually posted on Vernon-J.com.  I’ve said my piece & if anyone wants to enage me further on this topic they shall.  I see NO reason to comment past my original post.

If you have a question then ask away & I’ll do my best to answer those.

Thanks for the comment.

Today is thee day.

I’m going to clean my condo today,

I’m going to make breakfast today.

I’m going to have a wonderful day, IF you don’t like it.

Have a wonderful Saturday!!!

Pepsi Max – Fail

I took a risk yesterday & tried Pepsi Max.

I’m NOT a fan of diet pop, the after taste, just isn’t worth it.

Well welcome to the club Pepsi Max.  If anyone wants 2,500 ML’s of Pepsi Max.  Let me know, you can HAVE it!!!