That NEVER occured to us.

So if you happen to be paying attention, you’ll notice that I went out( last night. Also my Tweets Per Hour have increased today(!/Vernon_J_).

Me, Paul, Rose(who’s Birthday is Thursday November 3rd) & hung out at my bar.

The conversation got around to 1st time interactions between Gentlemen & Ladies.  She said if someone approached her & didn’t buy her a drink that she would thing they were cheap.

I don’t buy people drinks, I don’t care who you are.  Drinking is a personal choice, if you do it or not.  I don’t do it based on the fact that I don’t believe that should be the initial interaction, & you should be buying your own drinks.

I never thought that the ladies would thing I was cheap for not doing that.  She never thought that it might be a moral reason why someone doesn’t buy a drink.

This is what happens when you you ask philosophical questions.  I did asked her what her expectation was a guy during the initial meeting.

good times.

Today’s Breakfast

French ‘no work’ toast,


eggs(left over from the french ‘no work’ toast,


milk, &




Twitter Updates for 2011-04-08

Happy Friday

Well today is Friday 04/08/V3.1!!!

I have today off from work.

I plan to sleep past 05:00, I’m going to miss CT & Sara on Action 3 News.

I’m GONNA have a good breakfast.

I also plan to go see a movie today, the good thing about having today off is I can go see 2 movies this weekend.  NO problemo.

I plan to enjoy the rest of my weekend, NICE & RELAXING.

Vernon J hopes you have a wonderful weekend as well.

Vernon J out!

The word of the day is futz, which means to pass time in idleness (usually followed by around).