Twitter Updates for 2011-04-05

NOT here.

Today is Tuesday 04/05/V3.1.  We are 5 days in & its a wonderful kind of day so far.

Going to go to work today, because that’s what I do Monday thru Friday generally.  I have this Friday off though.

I’m going to dinner with a friend to celebrate her Double – 4th Birthday!!!  You know how to find me.

So a simple day ahead, I think I might will take some games back this week & get Wii Dance.

The word of the day is abrogate which means to abolish by authoritative action : annul.  Just like I abrogate the maybe out of a portion of this blog post.

Someone’s sending me a text message, who is it? *it was Sandy Lynn K.*

Have a GREAT day, I think the sun will be there this morning.  I appreciate it.