The Cake & Pictures from Wednesday 03/23/V3.1 & Thursday 03/24/V3.1

I made a cake for Thursday 03/24/V3.1!!!

It turned out GREAT!!

I’ve been told that I should say too things.

  1. My name is Vernon J & I wanna hang out.
  2. I’m a good baker, but I don’t want ‘her’ to use me for my baking skills.

If you are really nice to me, I might make another.

I enjoy

I enjoy my life.

*I was going to say something important but forgot.

I worked today, took out the trash, did laundry, worked on

I DIDN’T go to the store & get the mayo I need for sammiches at lunch.

The FNP is almost here.

Twitter Updates for 2011-03-24

Great Day at 06:09

Today is 03/24/V3.1 & so far its a GREAT day.

I’ve made Genache, I may have made an error.  We’ll find out though, I can’t sample as I’m taking to work.  Who takes a cake to work with pieces missing?

I’ve also gave someone advice about their romantic life, hopefully they take my advice.

I’ve also set up a Photo Website, why make it difficult?

I’ve got laundry tonight & I feel good about how yesterday went.  My friend still isn’t ready to communicate about serious business.  Whatever!  I also had one of those, what’s this mean moment?  Nothing I can control, so I ain’t worried about it.

The word of the day is kismet, and it means Destiny; fate.

Have a GREAT Thursday!!!!

Life Happiness

@MontrayDavis I can’t tell you how to find yourself, but Marriage/Partners/Soul Mates are LIFELONG commitments & if you have BIG questions in your life than you can’t be joined by someone in all those happy moments.