A vs. B – 1 vs. 2

Shorts vs. Jeans in Omaha today.  It is currently 19 degrees.

Also, I was thinking of texting someone last night (after 21:00) & we know that is bad.  But if you send someone an e-mail they can check it at their convenience & you don’t have to worry about waking them up.

My tweets

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Today’s Adventure

Today is Sunday 03/20/V3.1 & its the 13th week of MMXI.

I have two paths that I could follow today.

Path 1 is go to the museum with Angela J. B.

Path 2 is the path of Vernon J.  Which includes brushing my teeth, flossing, doing my hair, & recording PotW for this week.  Then head to a movie, target, & a store.  Then back home & my day is done.

The word of the day is largess, which means Generous giving (as of gifts or money), often accompanied by condescension.

Vernon J hopes you have a GREAT day!!!  Be Fun!!!

2 things

This morning I was taking a shower & two things came too me.

That I wanted to blog about, YES I take showers.

I came up with a wonderful Phrase of the Week for the week of March 28th.  You will get one for this week tomorrow, but you can see the previous versions right now.  http://www.youtube.com/KINGVernonOMA#p/c/C7EF1A43B1CC3B00

Also on Tuesday 03/15/V3.1 I communicated to someone, about what I wish would happen.  Well said thing happened Tuesday.

GO Vernon J!

The Test YOU failed!

So this week I ‘unlocked’ my facebook profile.  Since I came back to facebook in July, only 18/19 people had access to my wall.  ie They could write on my wall, read my posts, you know.  The All Access.

Well during my test(that you didn’t know you were taking), only 2 people interacted & posted on my wall.  So yeah, it’s going back on lockdown.

My e-mail address is Vernon-J@Vernon-J.com(easy right?), so have fun & just comment on my blog.  You can even twitter me.  IF you’re reading this then you know my twitter address.

Vernon J out.