What to say

Well its current;y 21:50, & I’ve had almost 22 hours to say it all today.

Nothing left in the brain(that I’m ready to share).

Good Night Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, The United States of America, North America, & the World.

In full disclosure.

Early today I posted the calorie count of some of my previous food consumption.

As I stopped at Krispy Kreme this morning, I decided to post the information about that food.

The original glazed is 190 calories, 100 from fat.  21 carbs, 10 grams of sugar, & 2 grams of protein.

By my research that means it is the healthiest of the three ‘reviewed’ items.

Quotes from the world for Thursday 03/17/V3.1

Something of old forgotten queens Lurks in the lithe abandon of your walk.

Quote by Gwendolyn B. Bennett.

Gwendolyn B. Bennett (1902–1981), U.S. poet. To a Dark Girl (l. 5–6). . .

Poetry of Black America, The; Anthology of the 20th Century. Arnold Adoff, ed. (1973) Harper & Row.

My tweets

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Happy Green

Today is Thursday 03/17/V3.1 & its St. Patrick’s Day.

Time for me & my Irish family members to celebrate.

Easy day today, no 100+ mile roadtrips.

The word of the day is quaff which means to drink heartily.

As Julie & the rest of my twitter followers know (www.twitter.com/Vernon_J_) I’ll be doing laundry.  Why aren’t you following me on twitter?  Its a free service & it’s the 2nd best social network.

Have a GREAT day!!!!

That’s Why

When I was at a QSR I noticed that the small size of pop is.  It has 190 calories, 51 grams of sugar & 51 carbs.

I just looked at my yogurt & the serving size is 236.588 ml’s.  It has 210 calories, 10 from fat.  42grams of carbs, & 33 from sugar.  also 7 grams of protein.

This could be a cause of the epidemic, REMEMBER PORTION control.

Soccer in America

@ControlledChaos I know we went to a Sporting Kansas City game, I have proof.  Although you were rooting for D.C. United.  It’s the only #MLS game we’ve been to together.

Working Out

This working out is a conspiracy.

Someone wants you to work out so you can be sexy.

I’m okay with that!!!