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@DivaKatrina Yeah, I’ve had 2 in my reign(best Vernon J living in America), I haven’t figured out how to use it effectively with my current blog. But know that I have time, since I graduate from University of Nebraska at Omaha on Friday 12/17/V3.1 I shall work on

No protein, that’s NOT breakfast

Today is Wednesday 03/16/V3.1 & its my 2nd day straight on the road.

So far so good, until I got up for the continential ‘breakfast’ Vernon J DOES NOT approve.

I’m currently in Lexington, NE & will be heading to Cozad, NE.  Nice driving, have the miles to go.  I will be home within 7 to 8 hours? Can’t wait.

Good road trip so far.  I’m NOT missing home as mush as when I went to Washington D.C., maybe its just that I know I’m within a 400 mile range of my bed & nice memory foam pillows.  Just saying, please upgrade your pillows.

The word of the day is apposite, which means Being of striking appropriateness and relevance; very applicable; apt.

Have a GREAT day & run like you don’t wanna stop.