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IF you missed it the U of N Board of Regents is having a special meeting on Friday 03/25/V3.1 about University of Nebraska at Omaha Athletics request to move to Division 1.

WOWT did not official post on twitter about the meeting, they just RT one of their employees approx. at 17:15.

KMTV posted on twitter, about the meeting approx. at 17:54.

KETV posted on twitter , about the meeting approx. at 19:01.

Omaha World-Herald still has posted on twitter as of the posting of this blog entry.

KPTM still hasn’t posted on twitter as of the updated posting of this blog.  40 mins later.

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Omaha, NE to North Platte, NE

I realized that as I was passing the last Lincoln exit sign on I-80, I had never been this far west in a car.  I’ve been to Denver, Portland, Sacramento, via train. Hawaii, LAX, & SFO via plane.

Good drive so far, I have 3 meetings this afternoon. So what is there to do in North Platte, NE?

You can GET out!!!

Dear American’s Most Wanted,

You can GET OUT of Omaha.  We don’t want your kind here!!!


Vernon J
Resident of Omaha.

Brand New Day

Today is Tuesday 03/15/V3.1 & its a Brand New Day.

I get to head to North Platte, NE.  This is my 1st journey to this part of NE!!!!

I’m excited for this adventure, I wonder what’s going to happen out there.

Wish me whatever you want, but remember I’m a nice guy.

The word of the day is blandishment and it means flattering speech or action.

Have a wonderful day & keep it fun.