this Week for Vernon J

So its the 3rd week of March MMXI & what is in store for Vernon J?

Monday a full day of work plus an extra 30 mins.  I also have my 1st meeting as a board member of the Neighborhood Association.   I also have to go to the phone store, as I didn’t go today!!!

Tuesday at 06:00 I head for the great west 69101, did you know that location had UFO incident on Friday 11/21/2008?  I have a couple visits to make with agencies, & then I get to stay in a hotel, 3 hotels in 8 days.  All alone, only if it was a romantic gateway!!!

Wednesday I’ll be heading to Dawson County, & then coming back to 681V1.

Thursday a full day of work & I’m at home.  No out of town visits for me, I’ll be sure to do laundry as Thursday is laundry nights in MMXI!!!

Friday I’ll be hitting the road at about 06:30 or 07:00 & heading to the 68847 for a meeting.  I have an appearance at 15:00, & then the weekend starts.

Of course I don’t know what I’m doing on Saturday yet. YUP, just checked my schedule, I’M TOTALLY free!!!!!

Have a GREAT Week!!!!!


So I had a decision to make based on work & home.

We will be moving our office(Food Bank for the Heartland), NOT Vernon 3.0 & Beyond Headquarters, Sean W. of Omaha!

I was contemplating moving further out west for a a shorter/possible elimination of a 30+ minute commute to work via metro. 
My current one is 49 mins in the morning & can be 35 in the evening.  If I continued to ride the bus it would be about 49 mins. 

I would have to live at 06:28 instead of 06:50. So I guess that was really a non-factor at this point. I was honeslty thinking about the evening commute. It would be about a 47 min commute in the evening.

BUT if I moved I would ‘retire’ from my other gig, because of the Saturday night evening activities. 

In addition I’ve just became a member of the Joslyn Castle NA broad.  I can’t live a commitment when I’ve only just begun.

So I’ve decided that I will remain in my current digs for the time being.  I also really like Midtown Omaha.

Now I want to decided if I should get a scooter.  As I’m NOT buying a car unless its gets 35 MPG in the city.

A few things I learned

So I went to my bar & had a good time.

A lady told me that I have a unique & wonderful personality.

A dental professional also said that I have good teeth, which is important to me.

I also learned that even IF I drink, I wouldn’t want to sit there & look drunk.

WOW Amazing

From my ‘368’ friends on facebook.  IT appears that their are ALOT of UNO fans out there.

MY Question for you.  Where were YOU DOING during Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, & Wrestling season the last few years?

Be the change you want to see in the world. A quote from Mahatma Gandi.

Students got in EVER game for FREE at UNO.  I would see several students come to SAPP Fieldhouse on basketball game, after or during the middle of the Womyn’s game & then not stay to the completion of the men’s game. 

My name is Vernon J & I have supported UNO to the best of my ability since before, during, & will continue to do so after graduation.  Which was Friday 12/17/V3.1.

I will be counted in the attendance for UNO this year, next year, MMXII & every year that I physically can.

My tweets

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Today is Sunday

Today is Sunday 03/13/V3.1 & its a kinda day that I can appreciate.

I’m heading to the G Store as soon as I finish this blog.  I need some milk for breakfast this morning & fruit, etc for living.

Big NEWS today for Omaha’s Team.  They are going to Division 1, starting this fall.  Visit for more information.

I also need to go to a couple cell phone stores.

The word of the day is aver, which means to assert as true.  I do that all the time.  Now I know what it means.