It’s the best policy.

A. I’ve already graduated
B. I got a job
C. What’s next?

If you are a fan of Vernon 3.0 & beyond than you already know the answer to C.

If you run, because of the response to C.  I don’t think  you are ready, IT’S not my problem.  I’m 31 years old, my life(of all the things I can control) are stable.  The next move is the American Dream.

The America Dream is unique & special to each individual.

To Vernon J the American Dream is to ensure that he is:

  • Well Respected by peers, friends, buddies, & acquittance’s.
  • Ensuring that he is happy, from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to sleep. He can be unhappy when he’s sleeping.

That’s my dream.

I know where I was going with this.

The Next Step for Vernon J is marriage.  If you run from someone who says that, its time to look inside.  DON’T BE AFRAID to express what you want.  MAKE YOURSELF TOP OF THE MIND priority.

p.s. I can’t believe I’m dropping this heavy stuff this late at night.

People of a certain age…

I consider a kid to be someone under 21, until this evening.

Apparently the form of e-mail & calling someone on the phone is ‘out-dated’ I told someone that I wouldn’t add them on ‘that social network’!!!

I asked if she wanted my phone number or e-mail address, apparently she ‘communicates’ thru ‘that social network’.  Well I’ve learned one thing.

I apparently need to raise what the age of ‘kid’ is, as she is 23 or 24.

Disseminateing information

@darcykieran Well its hard to write something and post/disseminate information. When you are speaking you can have a gaffe, but when writing you have a chance to correct it.

My tweets

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I’m bound for the 68501

Today is Friday 03/11/V3.1 & its the final day of the work week for most.

I still have to put in a few hours on Saturday 03/12/V3.1, but that’s okay.

The is also a parade Saturday, celebrating my Irish history.

I will be in Lincoln today, so they better be ready.

Its also Hockey night in Omaha, so you better get your tickets.  UNO Mavericks take on BSU Beavers.  The puck drops at 19:37, call 402-554-MAVS to get your tickets.  Or stop by any of the 2(two) box offices to get em.

It has been a GREAT Week & the FNP arrived a little bit early this week, but so worth it.

The word of the day is epicene, which means havign the characteristics of both sexes.

Have a GREAT day & DO what you want 🙂

Short walks though the city.

@JulieBlackmon Friday Night Party, yeah I didn’t realize I would miss #Omaha so much in just under 4 days. (hehe), I don’t like long walks on the beach.