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Two Morning are both great

Good Morning & Happy Thursday!!!

Today is Thursday 03/10/V3.1 & its the 2nd day of good mornings.

I worked out yesterday & today, the muscles in the back of my arms(triceps) were a little sore.  I did a Wii Fit Boxing session yesterday morning, it shows today.  That’s a good thing!!!!  I did 10 min trainer this morning & I feel good.

I then proceeded to have a GREAT breakfast.

  • Eggs (scrambled with cheese),
  • Bacon,
  • Cereal,
  • Bagel.

The word of the day is ersatz, which means being a substitute or imitation.

I hope you have a GREAT day!!!!

I have an easy day plan today, apparently I need to go to the G-Store as on my above list I’m out of fruit & yogurt.  But its still better than a continental breakfast(free or paid for). 

So that’s my after work plans, what are you doing?

Its also Thursday which means it’s laundry day.