Pictures from Saturday 03/05/V3.1

World War II Memorial World War II Memorial

The Nebraska Monument

This will be blog entry 1 of 4 for my weekend in Washington D.C. 

This is the Nebraska pillar of the World War II Monument.

Thanks to ALL the Men & Women who served during that era in history.

There are 123 photos in all.  Please view them all.

W. Michael Blumenthal

Learning about the U.S. Secretary of the Treasurer, the secretary is the 5th in the succession line.  If you can tell me the 31st treasurer in 31 minutes or less.  you’ll get your last 5 tweets RT!!!

My tweets

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Oh Happy Day, when I wake up

Today is Wednesday 03/09/V3.1 & its QUITE a wonderful day already.

Woke up this morning & there was a huge smile upon my face.

I was going to go to a store today, but I left the receipt & box at home.  OH WELL, (see above line).

The word of the day is fanfaronade, which means empty boasting; bluster.

I hope you have a GREAT day like I am.