Now that I’m back

Now that vacation is over, its time to get back to real life.

Tomorrow I’m back to work at Food Bank for the Heartland & ready to do some SNAP Outreach.

On Thursday its a full day of business as well.  I need to work on my to-do list.

Got a great point from a Presentation at the Anti-Hunger Policy Conference. 

  • Item one on your list, how can I make a client’s life different today.
  • Item two, repeat item 1.

On Friday I’m heading to Lincoln to learn & discuss SNAP Outreach with the SNAPer from the Lincoln Food Bank.

On Friday its Hockey Night in Omaha, On Saturday Night its Hockey Night in Omaha, On Sunday it could be Hockey Night in Omaha.

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Happy Tuesday

Today is Tuesday 03/09/V3.1 & its my last day in Washington D.C. 

I’m ready to come back to Omaha, a few things I learned about Omaha.  Our airport has free wi-fi, we DON’T have to carry our bags around to the X-Ray machine.  What kinda crap is that?

I met up with a couple people out here, Faydra on Saturday & Cassandra on Sunday!!!  I had a lamb dish & I didn’t know how to eat it, I have a picture of it.  I will upload later with the rest of my 100’s of pictures.

I’m currently sitting at the airport, waiting on my plane to leave the ground.  I’m a manic, a manic that’s for sure.

I’ll see ya on the flip side.

The word of the day is puckish & it means Whimsical; mischievous, impish.

I hope you enjoyed your 2nd/3rd day of the week.