1 goal

Vernon J had 1(one) goal to complete on Thursday 03/03/V3.1!!!

He completed that goal!!!!

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Happy Vacation Day

Today is Thursday 03/03/V3.1 & its the MMXI Omaha Young Professionals Summit today.

Well I’m going to the summit, so I’m playing ‘hookee’ from work.

I get to do Laundry & pack for D.C. tonight.  I’m also wearing brand new bottoms, so when you see me! COMPLIMENT ME, I just might say Thank You.

Great day yesterday, had a fun time during whatever I did.

The word of the day is gimcrack, which is a showy but useless or worthless object; a gewgaw.  Like a spoiler on your passenger car.

733 + 1 Hoops

If you’ve every done Wii Fit Plus, you’ve probably done the Super Hula Hoop.

My current record is 733 loops, I want to get at least 734 or more hoops.

Wish me luck in my 100% controllable goal.