Cheesy Potatoes

Don't Need Em Don’t Need Em

I don’t need your stinkin shredded frozen potatoes. I have a grater so boo on on.

I made Cheesy Potatoes today. They didn’t have frozen Hash Browns, so I got a Potato & got my own potatoes.

They were quite Yummy!!


Check Check

it’s nice to receive an unexpected check in the mail. ESPECIALLY from an Institute of Higher Learning.

I got a check from my old University.  It’s NO WHERE near the amount of money have I paid them in the last 10 years, but I’m alright.


I had a wonderful weekend.
Thursday I went to the 2010 Celebrity Chef Event.!

Friday 02/26/V3.0 I cheered on Omaha’s Team in a tough game of hockey. Then I went to my bar for a little fun & I had a lot of fun and & interesting evening, it’ll be an interesting Monday 03/01/V3.0 if I decide to follow-up.

Saturday 02/27/V3.0 it was a nice relaxing day, I went & cheered on Omaha’s Team to a wonderful victory against the #6th ranked team in the Nation. Playoffs start on Friday 03/05/V3.0 against BGSU at the Q-West. Cheer on the team to victory

Sunday it was just relaxing.

I’m looking forward to this week.