Dear Marsae

I know you haven’t seen me since 1995.

SO you probably don’t know who I am.

I’m Vernon J & I live in Omaha, NE.

A. I don’t need to do anything.
B. Your language is unacceptable.

background information.

My younger brother called & said that I needed to talk to Derene Carswell. I tried to re-direct him that he wanted me to talk to her. He proceeded to misunderstand that & expressed once again that I needed to talk to her.

In my infinite wisdom & Justification proceeded to hang-up on him.

He called back, & informed me that I needed to talk to my mother, I proceeded to inform him that she was no mother of mine. Yes Derene Carswell did give birth to me, BUT was no mother of mines.

He decided that it was perfectly okay to swear, and refer to his gang affiliation. A lady name Marlene(Derene’s Husband Daughter)(she knows how to have a proper conversation with someone). She proceeded to inform me that they would be calling back later.