Northern Michigan University I am not happy that you are closed until Jan. 4.  People got #Business to do with you.  I am so upset that you are closed right now.  The lady last Wed said you would be there Monday(Monday was yesterday 12/28/V3.0) She should have said Monday January 4th.  I would understand that, but don’t lead me to believe that it was Monday 12/28.

shakes fist

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  • Nice Song, & It’s an oldie. I like Oldies. #
  • RT @Trek_Omaha: @Food4Heartland promotion has been extended through the 31st! Bring in those cans to save big. #
  • I will sing outloud today #
  • Good Morning @Fabish NO but it is the last Tuesday of 2009 for you. Make it Terrific. #
  • YES it still is. Good Morning @Fabish NO but it is the last Monday of 2009 for you. Make it Terrific. #
  • If you can’t see the sidewalks at this point in time (12/28) you should be calling the ci
    ty hotline 402-444-4919. #Omaha #
  • My water bottle so BETTER be at home or I’m going to be uipset #
  • @midtowncrossing Welcome Back. How’s that Contest Coming Along? #
  • @midtowncrossing I speak of the #free year of rent contest. How could we forget about them. Remember how I’m gonna win? #
  • @Simply_Me_93 Good Morning, Welcome to the last Monday of 2009. How are you feeling? #
  • RT @omaharedcross: Dont forget to give hope to patients like Danielle and give blood at
    the Drive tomorrow @ Millard… #
  • My boss is okay with my dyed hair. Score one for me #
  • WHY, yes today is Give you Tie to Vernon Day. If you don’t work with Vernon you can send them to me. 422 N. 40th St. 68131 via USPS #
  • RT @OmahaCyclist: Only two more followers until 300! If you have any Omaha cycling friends who aren’t yet twitterfied, help them sign up. #
  • I purposely was driving too fast RT @KETV: Main roads in Omaha pretty good. Drivers get overconfident, and some purposes* blamed on speed. #
  • @Control
    Glad you made it safe. Enjoy the rest of #2009 #
  • @Fabish I believe in being on time, & I have the same expectation of people. Now that’s #funny. I really should lower my expectations. #
  • Dear Mailman of @USPS THIS is ridiculous #
  • Calling New #Jersey #
  • RT @KETV: Pottawattamie Co declares disaster due to blizzard. Drifts up to 18′. 25% of gravel roads: impassable. Co needs more blowers. #
  • Lunch Time #
  • @Simply_Me_93 That is not
    good, drink some water. #
  • @ControlledChaos It’s going good so far. #
  • @Simply_Me_93 Well it should get better, bc it’s almost 1 p.m. #
  • @ControlledChaos – Well now everyone know what were you doing? #
  • Does anybody know how to do a correct professional contact listing. #
  • @Hardees Thank YOU. Enjoy the rest of Monday. Celebrate #2009 #
  • I did this year will be harder. RT @AshleyLaur: New Years resolutions are a crock of shit. Who actually keeps their res #
  • RT @OmahaPublicLib: ALERT: The Saddlebrook Branch is closed until… #
  • @IAMJESUSDIAZ Nothing much, heading to the #grocery store #
  • a GLIMPSE into someone cars can tell you a think or two #
  • @lisaflowers54 My name is Vernon J & I approve of this picture Lisa #
  • Small Town Girl #nowplaying Train stopped in #Omaha #
  • @JulieandJulia I here lemon juice is just as good. #
  • 72nd & Dodge Crossroads Mall is Clear. #Omaha Don’t know about the south side of intersection #
  • I’m at Bag ‘N Save #
  • Me & Lea are #perfect shoppers. Wh en our powers combined we fit all grocries in one bag, ie I know how to #shop. #
  • Taking route 1 to midtown, turns into route 3. Now that’s front door service. Now will it be salmon or shrimp for #dinner cause I’m a si … #
  • I’m sorry @twitter. con’t I’m a sinner. #
  • @LanceSmithShow time to make sure you WASH & have clean boxer #briefs. #
  • Crusing thru #dundee via #OMAT looks nice. Too Bad I’m not stopping. #Omaha neighborhoods that rock @ILiveinOmaha #
  • I can see it therfore I’m there. (@ Kohll’s Pharmacy) #
  • @ControlledChaos I’m gonna have to root for @carolinabuzztap But I still LOVE you(yes in that way). Go #Canes #
  • What am I goin do tonight? EAT dinner.

    My name is Vernon J & I approved this text. #

  • dinnertime (@ Vernon’s Condo) #
  • Some Son of Herbert brought salt into my living room #
  • 10 + 8 mins before #dinner is done. Gonna iron #
  • @foxhouse I wasn’t going to watch you, but #James Earl Jones is on this episode #
  • @LeeAnnWomack @WillieNelson I haven’t heard Mendocino County Line in so long, it’s a good song #
  • I should have took out the I
    ce #cream while I was talkign on the phone #
  • We ALL know what this means. #
  • I guess I could have had the salad vs brocchila #
  • @wtownley Good Evening, I had some good Corn Chowder at #Cranksgiving 09. But I don’t have the recipe #
  • @JanecePotter I was in bed, and my twitter cuts off at 10, so I missed it. #
  • Get your hand out of her mouth. RT @Liberiangyal: This baby has no teeth yet she is biting the hell outa my hand! #
  • @Simply_Me_93 @SeanDonahoe @jposa @YQzone Have a Good tuesday. #
  • South Park Rules. Have a Cheesy Tuesday Sarah RT @sarahbuxton: Wow I wish I had special cheesey poof gloves #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Phrase of the Day Vol 1 Day 162 #
  • @lisaflowers54 What is a bacon butty? #
  • @lisaflowers54 I may not be from there, But I live in North Omaha. I would like one #

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