5 New

I added 5 new pictures to today’s album.

I like this one the best.

I met up with a twitter buddy & her fiancee.  We went to King Kong, it was fun.

The Laws of the Fairy

  • To be a Fairy you must wear a size 11(men’s) or smaller shoe.
  • An active Fairy is someone who has used their magical powers on 3 different individuals in the last 7 weeks.

The Laws of the Fairy can only be changed by a 9/12 vote of an active fairies.

37 Day Challenge


I’m putting this out to everyone who can read this or have to read to them.

I want someone to cook me Breakfast in bed by the end of the month.

YOU have my number, give me a call & let’s set it up.

Twitter List

A Daily Digest of my tweets

  • Just cause I don’t have #work today doesn’t mean I can’t be productive. There also isn’t much more #snow in #Omaha today. #
  • Can we at list do the mamba on the dance floor? RT @Fabish #wecantdate if your 20! #
  • #wecantdate if you are a smoker #
  • #wecantdate if you don’t have a job or a daily routine that is geared towards getting you a job. #
  • #wecantdate because you won’t date anyone older than your brother. boo #
  • I’m listening to "Stay (Live)" by Sugarland (bit.ly/6T9E9X) #pandora I just love this song. #wecantdate #
  • Watching Cliffhanger #
  • I disagree the problem was the car. Divorce on the rest RT @AshleyLaur: HAHA! Why men should never write advice columns bit.ly/8cEI8R #
  • Amber Alert from OPD. A baby boy taken by his father early this morning. Driving a Silver Saturn Aura with Illinois plates. #
  • It’s time for the brushing teeth while dancing thing. I do so well. #thisguyisawesome #
  • RT @omahapolice: UPDATED AMBER ALERT INFO: Suspect is driving a Silver 2009 Saturn 4 dr Missouri Plates AB9JK PLEASE SHARE! bi#
  • @faydra_deon Yes George Michael of Washington D.C. is Dead #
  • To go to a store or not. What do you think? #Omaha #
  • $1200 for a 12 Gigs of Ram & a 1,000 MB hard drive. Please. Wrong Bid. The #Price is Right. #
  • @WTownley Warm Drinks. That reminds me about a Chai that I didn’t get on Saturday 12/18/V3.0 Happy 8 Days before 2010 #
  • RT @OmahaPublicLib: All Omaha Public Libraries will close at noon today because of weather. Have a happy holiday! bit.ly/5y3DVu #
  • I
    meant follow you. Evualate after #nappytime is over. @Simply_Me_93 #
  • @Simply_Me_93 WHY Yes I will follow you. NOW back to napping. #
  • I’m not the only one who does wonderful dancing.
    Check this video out — Satisfying www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1c7t21s73c #
  • RT @blakeshelton: I just guilted a 10 year old boy into downloading "Hillbilly Bone" on his phone…. Little punk shouldve already had it!!! #
  • Techincally I’m not #napping, BUT i HAVEN’T given up yet. No Frills closes at 6, do I need anything in the next 30 hours that I don’t have? #
  • @blakeshelton I wanna buy hillbilly bone but only if he tweets me #
  • @Liberiangyal What lucky state was that? #
  • @Liberiangyal okay, cool #
  • @AshleyLaur twitpic.com/uzprx – Cat in the french toast hat. #
  • Nappy time. Again

    My name is Vernon J & I approved this text. #

  • @Simply_Me_93 What do you do in CO? #
  • @Simply_Me_93 Work or fun #
  • okay, #seriously there isn’t much on tv. I’m going to go for a walk. #
  • That is nice. RT @OmahaDriver: In case you missed this great snow commercial 🙂 www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMOu-8MOtbU #
  • I’m at Caffeine Dreams (4524 Farnam St, Farnam and 45th street, Omaha). 4sq.com/8SJQtY #
  • I just sent the wrong person a text.

    My name is Vernon J & I approved this text. #

  • I’m at Family Dollar (4412 Dodge Street, 44th & Dodge, Omaha). 4sq.com/vPkZx #
  • I’m at Vernon’s Condo (422 N. 40th St. Omaha, Ne 68131, 40th & Cass, Omaha). 4sq.com/1h5zyY #
  • @Jeopardy is on at 4:30 VST. I’m gonna kick some one’s money winnign total. #
  • @TobyKeithMusic is on the @BonnieHuntShow #Country Music I love that guy #
  • @WOWT6News Vernon wil
    l hold ‘services’ as he normally does. #
  • @jeopardy is on. gonna do it. #
  • Cake Category on @Jeoprady oh it’s like taking pie from a fridge #
  • @denisealexia GO down & make a snow angel. That’ll teach the Blizzard #
  • Under the tree.

    This is what I got you for Christmas(although I don’t celebrate). Now unwrap me and have fun. bit.ly/86tRx9 #

  • How late should one stay up #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Phrase of the Day Vol 1. Day 158 youtu.be/bwWvywPfaqk?a #
  • I wish people would stop getting stuck in the snow it #annoys me. Yes it’s probably worse for them #
  • @AshleyLaur Goodnight #

Vernon J
422 N. 40th St.
Omaha, NE 68131


I ate breakfast today.
I went to Caffeine Dreams for Lunch
I got my hair done today.

I also took a few friggen naps.

Today's Breakfast
Today’s Breakfast
This is what I had for Breakfast, Karen P. of Fremont you were so close.
I went to Caffeine Dreams for a late lunch.
I colored my hair a wee bit.
I colored my hair a wee bit.
I colored my hair a wee bit.
I colored my hair a wee bit.