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A Daily Digest of my tweets

  • @Fabish Good Day Matey. aargh? #
  • Good Morning. a lil slick in #Omaha this morning. My 2 foot drive got me to the #OMAT stop. Rollin in to work @Food4Heartland #
  • 6:30 a.m. Maybe Traffic Problems at124th & West Center road. Take precaution via @KETV #
  • I’m at Food Bank For the Heartland (6824 J St, Omaha). #
  • YES, I am precious. I will melt in the rain. #
  • @NebraskaDems Where’s your comment sect
    ion on your #blog? Stop pushing information without allowing follow-up. #
  • @omahapolitics @leavenworthst @NebraskaDems This is my response to your blog entry from 12/27 #
  • Did I already say it was #orange time? I just got done eating one. #
  • @wtownley It’s gonna be old on your driveway. #
  • Let’s do it. RT @tsgnews: The 2009 Mug Shots of the Year: #
  • I’m the slickest. RT @KETV: 10 in NW Omaha. Main roads R wet, traffic slow. lots: slick. Sidewalks: Slickr. slushy accumulation on driveways #
  • @Fabish ha, ha. I could ‘have’ relations in New #Zealand #
  • @KETV is taking the lead on twitter during unique weather situations. Good Job for keeping #Omaha alerted to road conditions. #
  • @scottredd – Nature 1+ or so,
    ugly 0 #
  • RT @scottredd: Midtown Christmas shopping by bus. No ice driving for me. Step out of apartment, on the bus in 30 seconds. #OMAT win! #
  • I just became the mayor of Bucky’s #140 on @foursquare! #
  • I’m at Bucky’s #140 (107th S. 40th St., 40th & Dodge St., Omaha). #
  • debating going back out (@ Vernon’s Condo) #
  • Shaking my butt #
  • I’m at Lee Beauty Supply (628 N Saddle Cr
    eek Rd, between California St & Cuming St, Omaha). #
  • I’m at No Frills (820 N Saddle Creek Rd, At California St., Omaha). #
  • I’m getting my @BenandJerrys and leaving #
  • Someones making Dutch Apple Pie tonight. #
  • I’m at Vernon’s Condo (422 N. 40th St. Omaha, Ne 68131, 40th & Cass, Omaha). #
  • Watching a movie #
  • @JanecePotter it wa
    s TSwift at Vernon’s workstation today. #
  • My NEW address labels have arrived. #
  • @JanecePotter Jose Curevo isn’t a she. #
  • There’s a @pie in my kitchen, twitter to the tune of There’s A Tear in My Beer #
  • @GigglesSilly it was NO Independence Day. I like Alien tenticles kicked UP & down Main St. #
  • @mw55 I looked atbthe rules. Seems fine to me. #
  • @omahapoliti
    Thanks for the love. Keep us informed, so we can make an informed decision about who represents us. #
  • @kptmnews Dear Amanda you hair style looks nice. I like the cut and lightening. What’s your husbands name again? #
  • It’s Pretty Good.RT @boogeyyeahhs: just changed my pict.. you like it?? hehe.. #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Phrase of the Day Vol 1. Day 157 #

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