Dag Nab It

I wish my Phrase of the Day would have went active.

It’s kinda important for todays revelations.

Twitter List

A Daily Digest of my tweets

  • @faydra_deon I’m alright, have a good day. #
  • @faydra_deon NOT yesterday, we got a dip of freezing rain, but it stopped. Last snow was sometime ago #
  • Eating Breakfast #
  • I’m at bakers #
  • I’m at Buffalo Wild Wings – 76th St (205 N. 76th St., 76th St between Cass & Dodge, Omaha). 4sq.com/4rvPRG #
  • I’m at toys r us #
  • I’m passed 100th St. #
  • Your license plates are NOT telling the truth. #
  • 12107 W. Center Rd Omaha, NE. (@ hallmark) #
  • I’m at 19420 X St. #
  • I’m at Lakeside Hospital #
  • I’m at omaha civic auditorium #
  • OH the drama waiting in line to see Mike #Huckabee #
  • :-p I’m pretty sure my pretty mug will be on the news tonight. @wowt6news @action3news @ketv @Jennyfox42 #
  • The Huck is standing in my photo frame. #
  • @LeeTerryNE Why Hello. #
  • @JBoetcher You should have come. Did you make it to the game last night? #
  • I’m at Vernon’s Condo (422 N. 40th St. Omaha, Ne 68131, 40th & Cass, Omaha). 4sq.com/1h5zyY #
  • NO Video on @WOWT6News from the Health Care debate Rally in Omaha. #
  • @UNOmaha I’m gonna back cookies for all my professors for being such great educators #
  • @JBoetcher Well I
    hope that was fun. YOU missed a good one though #
  • @JBoetcher The student section is a better experience. #
  • Looking for myself on @KETV #News #
  • @JBoetcher well don’t ever leave school. BUT I’m glad you support Omaha’s Team #
  • Did @action3news have any coverage on the Rally this afternoon? @omahapolitics & @anybody else who was there? #Omaha #
  • @ControlledChaos okay, thanks. YOU love our Omaha Newss. Dont cha wish your news was hot like ours. #
  • Well Action 3 News is the Official News Station of Vernon J @SheilaBrummer forgot to tell them to get some good footage of me #
  • Dawn eating her sandwich, & someone’s stealing Freedom Fries. Bad boy!! bit.ly/4VbyY3 #
  • RT @mw55: my next prediction in carolina will beat minn. brett favre and all #
  • @JBoetcher Who is she? #
  • Reliving pressure that built up. #
  • I’m watching The Santa Clause 3. #
  • @Jboetcher there’s drugs for that problem #
  • freaking amatuer #
  • @AshleyLaur I’m watching the one with Tim Allen The Santa Clause 3 #
  • @Madiiiiison Here’s me internet texting you. Want a real one (402-516-4401) is the number #
  • The #debate is on. #

Vernon J
422 N. 40th St.
Omaha, NE 68131