Whole List

I can make up a whole list of reasons not to return the favor.

Let’s just sum it up!!

I don’t want to!!!

Twitter List

A Daily Digest of my tweets

  • Good Morning. The #FNP is here. Enjoy it with some bows on.

    My name is Vernon J & I approved this text. #

  • @WhitRviator Morning to you. #
  • I’m at Food Bank For the Heartland (6824 J St, Omaha). 4sq.com/7xw8V #
  • Cool, that’s the best. RT @craigmoody: just called the litter hotline to report the dbag who threw out their cig butt. 877-665-4887. #
  • I’m at Lee and Helene Sapp Fieldhouse (Northeast Douglas County, Omaha). 4sq.com/3cNWk5 #
  • @OmahaDriver What did he say? Chris is his name. #
  • @OmahaDriver That makes me so upset. I just may have to out drinking tonight. #
  • I’m at Crescent Moon Ale House (3578 Farnam St, at 36th St, Omaha). 4sq.com/3dGY49 #
  • @omahadrvier OKay Scott didn’t know me. #
  • @omahadriver NO #Egg Nog drink at Crescent Moon #
  • Why was I wishing I saw @unomaha #hockey on tv tonight. Both #basketball teams beat cross state rival. #
  • 4 free #nelottery ti
    ckets at our table & the one I scratch is a loser. #
  • I played U Can’t Touch This although you can. #
  • The Holiday Party has come to Crescent Moon. #
  • I just #kicked someone’s butt at the bar. #
  • pimpin myself out & wondering what MF means (again) (@ Vernon’s Condo) 4sq.com/1h5zyY #
  • Thinkin I should have went now. Listening to music #
  • @Evans_6294 Thanks following me. It’s probably about 1.5 hours a day. #
  • it is H-Time. #
  • @boogeyyeahhs @wulanweki @vanxiaoyi Goodnight! @OmahaDriver @GigglesSilly @omahahomeless Enjoy this Saturday!! @Yummycupcakess @zhafirw #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Phrase of the Day Vol 1. Day 152 www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjtQ-nH1jys&feature=autoshare_twitter #

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