Get Pumped

I am getting pumped about today’s FNP.

Got some basketball happening at the Sapp Field house today.  University of Nebraska vs. University of Nebraska.  It’s going to be a slobberknocker.

Then I’m heading to my bar.

Twitter List

A Daily Digest of my tweets

  • #Omaha is experiencing a heat wave. I wonder if I should go pantsless today. #
  • @Fabish okay, I was debating pants anywho.

    How iss your day? #

  • It is 20+ in #Omaha so I’m excited. #
  • @jprimm YES, it’s going to be a good day. Do you have any plans? #
  • @jprimm I’m from @Michigan. I miss the snow, BUT I’m not leaving Omaha, which is my HOmaha #
  • My driver was earlier than anticpated. #OMAT It’ll be a good night 🙂 #
  • RTed @JimSuttle @ChrisJerram @HeathMello @Senator20 Attention officials: A week later and the Omaha bike trails are still not clear of snow. #
  • Not if you eat it
    RT @wildbell: Shit. There’s cake in the office fridge… #
  • I’m at target #
  • I’m at Von Maur (10010 California Street, Westroads Mall, Omaha). #
  • Up the escalator #
  • using the bathroom (@ westroads mall) #
  • How come Happy Bunny Calendar isn’t in the personal growth section? #
  • Being a mall walker. The Big #Pimpin kind. NOT old man who has nothing else to do. #
  • My name is Vernon J & I don’t #work at either
    of those stores. Thanks for asking. If you were sf, I could’ve #pretended. #
  • Why yes Martina McBride I do hear that guy @Vernon_Joseph singing. He is good! #
  • The
    Love Sac can’t be closed already, can it? #
  • I’m at T.G.I. FRiDAY’S #
  • listening to Trace Adkins X (@ Vernon’s Condo) #
  • Goodnight. Enjoy the fnp.

    My name is Vernon J & I approved this text. #

  • I hear this a lot from parents. RT @OmahaDriver: Bumper sticker of the day. Money Isn’t Everything, But It Sure Keeps The Kids In Touch" :=) #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Phrase of the Day Vol 1. Day 151 #

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