New & Belly

Here is what I had for Lunch today, & my new hand warmers.

Lunch Lunch

Here is my lunch for Tuesday 12/15/V3.0 I also had some chips, but I like limiting my free advertising.

Mittens Mittens

My new mittens, the warmest version they make. So far so good.

Mittens Mittens

My new mittens, the warmest version they make. So far so good.

5 Months

Today is December 15th.

That means we have 5 months until April 15th. That is the last day to file a tax return or some other crap. Since I’ve never waited till that day, I don’t know what else you need to do.

BUT I’m sure that you aren’t going to wait until that day.

YOUR W-4’s have to be legally mailed to you by Jan 31st, so make sure you call any previous employers & get those address changes in, which you also should have already done.

This has been the MAJOR announcement I talked about this morning.


I ironed my shirt, and it look wrinkled.  I wonder if my coat did that.

YEST another reason why I don’t wear coats.

Twitter List

A Daily Digest of my tweets

  • Good Morning to ALL, & have a GREAT Week!!! #
  • @ketv Mike looks cold on the corner of Saddle Creek & Farnam. STOP Doing live reports. Most people know its winter in The Big O! #
  • The Crossroads Mall sidewalk is still NOT Clear. Would you mind doing that, its been a few days. #Omaha @OWH #
  • @Chris2Hall Has your accunt been comprimised? #
  • @mw55 add 3/4 of a round of wedge. #
  • @activateomaha Good Morning, Happy
    Monday & Busing. #OMAT #
  • @ScottRedd How was the ride this morning. I noticed that the wind was blowing some kind off fierce southerly. #
  • @ScottRedd yeah it got worse from the time I left my apartment until my driver picked me up at Crossroads Mall #OMAT #ILoveThisWeather #
  • I’m at Food Bank For the Heartland (6824 J St, Omaha). #
  • @AshleyLaur You just wait till you hit that Ashley 3.0 milestone. I made a HUGE deal about my 30th Birthday. & it was WowSome!! #
  • My Love will embrace you, OR we will just stalk each other forever. #
  • I’m reporting a sidewalk that has not been cleared. #
  • @chris2hall NO, your account posted this to your twitter account 🙁 #
  • Good Job Amy, sorry it took a tragedy though. Drinking & Driving is bad. RT @unomaha: In the Face of Tragedy #
  • @chris2hall twitter accounts sometimes ge
    t compromised. I would change my pw. It has happened @uwmidlands @OPPDCares #
  • gosh, I knew I smelled something. RT @NiKKi_DaTcRaK: Well damn we don’t have anymore toothpaste? @simoneyybaby #
  • @xgreenstreetx Welcome to the Great cycling community of #Omaha. #
  • I broke my #pencil today. Will you help me repair it? America is #1 #
  • RT: @RevRunWisdom Don’t be afraid leave ppl & situations that don’t make u happy.. u’ll be happy u did! (via Brandi of PA) #
  • Eating some of the #cookies I made last night ( They a
    re delicious. Shameless plug for my #blog #
  • I got a plan for you #Maryville, MO. Just have to win the lottery. @firefighter278 #
  • Yeah, the people a few weeks ago wasn’t very right. RT @LIVEUNITEDOmaha: City to curb on-street charity? #
  • @Bella_Cupcake When I see Cupcake I get distracted. #
  • **Rider Alert** #OMAT Route 11 no longer service Crossroads Mall until 7:55 p.m. in the evening Mon-Fri. 1 addl(6:17) on Sat. No Service Sun #
  • @AshleyLaur & @Blak
    eShelton That’s what happens when you go to the #tanning salon. #
  • @lauri1127 – Only if those were real dear heads. OR maybe there are. #
  • Strawberry, Cherry, Pineapple Limeaide. RT @sonicdrive_in: Happy Hour 2-4 pm What drink will it be today? #
  • @chittenden – that tate is overwhelming you. #
  • drinking some Egg Nog #
  • I approve of this feeling. RT @djzeus: I feel like pancakes. #
  • @OmahaDriver It’s for their VIP Customers. I don’t know if they do server it, I’ll have to go Friday to see if they do. #
  • @OmahaDriver okay, see you there #
  • @ControlledChaos That’s PERFECTLY okay #
  • OH NO, you let #Cartman do the Morning Annoucments. @SouthPark #
  • Tecnically work was over #
  • Officially homewardbound #
  • I just #uncommitted myself. 8
    :17 #
  • @chris2hall Bella_Cupcake @OmahaDriver Here’s too Tuesday. @MauiMescudi @jst80 @KateRagonetti Enjoy what you have earned. @craigmoody #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Phrase of the Day Vol 1 Day 148 #
  • IF love as as easy as going to bed 1/2 an hour early. I would be in bed at 12:00 pm VST everyday. #

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Be Ready

There will be a MAJOR Announcement later today. Stay Tuned to this Blog for the announcement.