IX Pictures

IX More IX More

I’ve upload IX more pictures today

‘Especially’ to Kay probably means anybody who has EVER given them there name & address.

The direct link to see the bigger pictures is clickable

Yeah for Snow!!

Yeah, I’m done. & I’m friggen proud of myself.

Before Before

Before the snow impression, taken in my front yard.

After After

After the snow impression, taken from the doorway.

After After

After the snow impression, taken from the 1.5 level of my apartment building.

Breakfast Breakfast

I made panny cakes today.

Twitter List

A Daily Digest of my tweets

  • @vanxiaoyi Good Morning #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Phrase of the Day Vol 1 Day 140 www.youtube.com/watch?v=StZOwEQzlwM&feature=autoshare_twitter #
  • Done #ironing, ALMOST Ready to start my day #
  • @ishlepup Okay, well I’ll make a call to ensure that is snow next year. #
  • @Fabish Good Morning, Two dates, why that number in particular? #
  • WORTH IT!!! #
  • @gonesarcastic Love & Romantic feelings are the worse.

    Good Morning. Happy Monday! #

  • @gigglesSilly Time to get up anyways. 🙂 #
  • YUP, ha ha!! RT @Pedal_EB: Delivery last night was pretty epic…folks told me to get a car & nothing finer than passing cars up hills. #
  • Q:What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever … A:I’ve had POI, Hawaiian dish of taro ro… formspring.me/VernonJ/q/209124 #formspringme #
  • @Fabish I asked the #question about the Calling deal. or is it supposed to be anonymous, because if it is. I DIDN’T ask that question. #
  • How does one flee ‘aggravated’ RT @farkmain If you don’t want to walk home in the cold, you But for Fark’s sake,… bit.ly/8tZ5vg #
  • What’s that, did you just delete your extra events on Tuesday. I’m free now to do something in the evening. for… bit.ly/81MEsk #
  • @WTownley How was the Birthday Celebration? #
  • @denisealexia Morning, 10:10 is here. I guess G had some problems in Europe with their G Mapping procedure, this sure solves that. #
  • @denisealexia YUP, &a
    mp; I volunteer to do it. I will have a vacation in the time they are doing North France, I also volunteer for that. #
  • @MSchmitz17 can we ever do some free stuff from like 5- 7 for the evening class folks? #
  • @TheReaderOmaha Thanks for following, I know I”m a little #hungry. I left my orange at home. #
  • I’ve used over 15 #documents since I’ve been at work today. #
  • That many speeding tickets, aye? RT @becgueule: I just became the mayor of Douglas County Treasurer on @foursquare! bit.ly/5FcBo1 #
  • I’m at Food Bank For the Heartland (6824 J St, Omaha). bit.ly/7xw8V #
  • Liston to Rollin on the River while on hold. Pretty nice #music. #
  • @unomaha does the MBSC make deliveries? #
  • keep warm RT @omahatriathlon: if you’re working out outside in the new snow/cold, stretch & warm-up/cool down inside to help prevent injury #
  • @omaharedcross I’m ready #
  • bring it on. RT @KETV: #Snow Forecast: 1-2 inches by Tuesday morning in Omaha metro, Maybe up to 10 inches before sto
    rm moves out early Weds #
  • I smell a #challenge RT @gmilner: Loves the flurries, but would rather 20-25 of #snow. What can you do #mothernature ? #
  • When I opened @Pandora_radio, Love Your Memory by @Miranda_Lambert came on. That’s pretty good case of the #Mondays #
  • @faydra_deon Yeah, here’s a shamless plug for mines. Vernon-J.livejournal.com 141 character person. #blog #
  • RT @LeavenworthSt: Senate to follow Lee Terry "SUH" health care bill? LeavenworthStreet.blogspot.com #
  • @activeomaha I can help #omat #
  • @activateomaha The #15 DOES stop at 125th & Center. #
  • @activateomaha it travels all the way to lakeside down center press/pull signal when near #omat #
  • @activateomaha I just heard that rt 55 driver decided not to stop at lakeside because he thought no one would be there there was #omat #
  • @I‘m not sure about the express. But rt 55 stops at all shelters & signs along the route. #
  • @activateomaha I’m not sure about the express. But rt 15 stops at all shelters & signs along the route. #omat #
  • cooking dinner (@ Vernon’s Condo) 4sq.com/1h5zyY #
  • Dear Neighbor, I’m going to prep dinner & you should have you stuff out the washer by then. Since it’s done. #laundry #courtesy #
  • I was #nice. I took the clothesout, put em in the dryer WITH my money. #laundry #
  • That is CREEPY,yet well played. #HIMYM #
  • @
    twitpic.com/slu78 – What have you been sleeping on? #
  • That’s a good thing. RT @becgueule: All of a sudden, for no reason whatsoever, I have Rollercoaster of Love stuck in my head. #
  • eight pm is NOT the same as nine pm, but it gives it a good run for the money #
  • Making up my bed #
  • @Liberiangyal @wildbell @youngPaynt It’s that time @wtownley @denisealexia @ishlepup Have a interesting Tuesday! @Div3rse @MusicalProdigy #

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