Reusable Bag

So I’m trying to remain eco-friendly. I currently have ‘The Food Bank’ bags, but that is no longer in existent.

I don’t want to give anybody/company free advertising.

So you can go to this website, they have plain (ie no name/logo. Would anyone like to split the cost of the bags with me? You can get 10 bags for 29.27(only comes in sets of 10). They have green, black, blue, red, & pink.

Please let me know if you are interested.


I will be having this for dinner tonight?

What Happened? What Happened?

Anyone wanna guess what happened to this Pork?

Crock Pot Crock Pot

It suffered from 6 hours in a Crock Pot.

Twitter List

A Daily Digest of my tweets

  • Good Morning #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Phrase of the Day Vol 1 Day 138 #
  • @wildbell well after watching The #Biggest Loser I think I wanna run a marathon. #
  • Dear @Beyonce IF someone does a foundation commercial. people will know you were foundation. Congrats you are the dumbass of the day. #
  • It did that here Wed. RT @AshleyLaur: The sky looks like it’s full of snow. Kind of hoping it snows….only a TEENYYYYY bit. #
  • @rissaroo87 YOu drink diet beer, that’s why @blakeshelton doesn’t respond. Real Beer or 80-proof the other is just crap #
  • I’m at 2336 North 69th St Omaha NE #
  • I’m at Vernon’s Condo (422 N. 40th St. Omaha, Ne 68131, 40th & Cass, Omaha). #
  • Watching a movie on channel 11. #
  • UNO leads 16-10 in the 3rd Quarter. #
  • I’m at Lee and Helene Sapp Fieldhouse (Northeast Douglas County, Omaha). #
  • RT @BlakeShelton Just pulled into cowboys stadium for the big 12 game We’re going over the script now Y’all won’t believe how the game ends! #
  • waiting to see if anything will happen? (@ Vernon’s Condo) #
  • Texas leads Nebraska 7-6 in the 2nd quarter. Do it TX #
  • @RealAnnieDuke Saw you on the #Wanda Sykes Show. So you voted for him. Looks like you got sucked. Should have voted for @CynthiaMckinney #
  • I just locked my door & taking down my hair. #
  • Wendy 3.1 is Here. Happy
    Birthday Wendy @WTownley

    My name is Vernon J & I approved this text. #

Vernon Davis
422 N. 40th St.
Omaha, NE 68131