• If it did mean you were going to die, what would your last meal be?

    • Depends

      If I had to cook, it would be whatever was in the pantry. If someone was treating, I would probably want lobster.

      How about yourself

      • Re: Depends

        Haha – It was a trick question. ^_^

        Because if you don’t eat tonight, you can’t have a last meal. 😉

        I would make sure my last meal is pizza. Ordinary, but delicious.

        • Re: Depends

          Local – What is your local pizza joint that is good.

          • Re: Depends

            I honestly haven’t had much local pizza around this area. The one place I can recall going to is just down the street and is pretty good. I’ll admit though that a frozen pizza is as good as anything for me. There’s actually a Target brand thin crust pizza that I absolutely LOVE.