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128.85 per barrel

Where Does That Oil Go?

A Look at What’s Inside a Barrel of Oil and What Products Come From It

So exactly what do oil companies do with that oil

that comes from the ground?

A barrel of oil contains 42 gallons of crude. During the refining process, additives increase the “refined yield” of the barrel. In the end, about 44 gallons of various products are produced from each barrel.

Here is a breakdown of what that oil creates:

22.6 gallons of gasoline  enough to drive 622 miles in the average American car

6.7 gallons of diesel  enough to drive 41.7 miles in a tractor-trailer

5.5 gallons of jet fuel  not enough to fly a fully loaded 747 one mile. You’ll get about 0.95 miles You thought your car got bad gas mileage