New Mcdonald’s Sandwich

Southern Style Chicken Sandwich – A southern style chicken breast, on a steamed bun, dressed with butter and two pickles. Very similar to a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwhich.

Official Taste Test, McDonalds, Southern Style Chicken Sandwich –

This is the official review of a sandwich recently introduced onto the McDonald’s Menu.  It is crap, I was concerned to start with, bread, pickles, chicken, & butter.  Angela at the 2410 CUMING ST OMAHA, NE 68131-1630 location said the sandwich came with everything(being Mayo, Tomato, and other such items.)  Well let me confirm that it is as pictured.  It also is not seasoned thoughout just in the breading.  I will tell you a mom/dad/anybody who cooks from the South will confirm that this is a misrepresentation of there region.

I give the Sandwich a .75 out of 4 forks. (.50 for being chicken, .25 for the nice bread).  The fries were also too small, and the service was pretty slow. 

If McDonald’s misses there 2nd quarter earning, I will be to blame.  That is my goal, to take em down.

  • Ever seen Super Size Me? It’ll make you not eat McD’s for at least a year, and then only when you’re absolutely desperate… make sure you see the special features, especially the one about the fries…

    • OF course

      I borrowed yours, remember. I don’t think I saw the extras though. But I did work there for awhile.

      • Re: OF course

        I thought we watched it at ER or something… the fries thing grosses me out every time I think about it… I was describing it to someone at work the other day and my stomach turned again.

        • Just saying

          If you went to your DVD collection to watch it. You won’t find it, it is in my dvd collection.

  • what do you expect from mcd’s? gross!!!

    • Slogans

      * McDonald’s is your kind of place (1967)
      * You deserve a break today (1971)
      * We do it all for you (1975)
      * You, you’re the one (1976)
      * Nobody can do it like McDonald’s can (1979)
      * You deserve a break today (1980)
      * Nobody makes your day like McDonald’s can (1981)
      * McDonald’s and you (1983)
      * It’s a good time for the great taste of McDonald’s (1984)
      * It’s Mac Tonight (1985)
      * Good time, great taste (that’s why this is our place) (1988)
      * There’s nothing quite like a McDonald’s (1980s)
      * Food, folks and fun (1990)
      * McDonald’s today (1991)
      * What you want is what you get (1992)
      * Do you believe in magic? (1993)
      * Have you had your break today? (1995)
      * My McDonald’s (1997)
      * Did somebody say McDonald’s? (1997)
      * McDonald’s – It can happen (1990)
      * Larry the Leopard (1990’s)
      * We love to see/make you smile (2000)
      * Put a smile on (2000)
      * Make every time a good time (2002)
      * Smile (2002)
      * I’m lovin’ it (2003-present)

      I’m am so NOT lovin’ it. Have you ever had one of the McGriddles(pretty good), but if you eat one they make you thirsty. It is a ploy to sell those small(although it is the largest they will sell, but they do have 20 oz glasses they could fill) ass(16 ounces) orange juices.

      • Re: Slogans

        ew I haven’t had mcd’s in years!