taser Party

Here I go watching the news again, and they mention a taser Party.  I’m thinking someone is getting tasered bro.  Boy was I wrong, no one got tasared. 

I won’t say what station it is on, but one of the anchors reads my blog everyday.

New Mcdonald’s Sandwich

Southern Style Chicken Sandwich – A southern style chicken breast, on a steamed bun, dressed with butter and two pickles. Very similar to a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwhich.

Official Taste Test, McDonalds, Southern Style Chicken Sandwich –

This is the official review of a sandwich recently introduced onto the McDonald’s Menu.  It is crap, I was concerned to start with, bread, pickles, chicken, & butter.  Angela at the 2410 CUMING ST OMAHA, NE 68131-1630 location said the sandwich came with everything(being Mayo, Tomato, and other such items.)  Well let me confirm that it is as pictured.  It also is not seasoned thoughout just in the breading.  I will tell you a mom/dad/anybody who cooks from the South will confirm that this is a misrepresentation of there region.

I give the Sandwich a .75 out of 4 forks. (.50 for being chicken, .25 for the nice bread).  The fries were also too small, and the service was pretty slow. 

If McDonald’s misses there 2nd quarter earning, I will be to blame.  That is my goal, to take em down.

French Toast – Check
Eggs – Check
Sauaage – Check
Hot Cereal – Check
Apple – Check
Milk – Check

Well rounded complete awesome homemade breakfast – Check

Super  Secret Thing @ 11