• Hey…that’s my birthday

    Who else has that birthday?

    • I forgot

      I either forgot or didn’t know. You have to send me your address so you can get something special via a delivery service.

      It is Angela’s(Angie) Birthday, just a young lady that I asked out for coffee and she said talk to me next week(about a month ago), and at the end of class that week she just walked to her car and ignored me. So she has one more week to actually approach me or we’ll never know what could have been. I put myself out that, that is the best I can do.

      • Re: I forgot

        She said to talk to her next week – you should try again instead of waiting for her to talk to you 🙂

        • Re: I forgot

          Well we’ll see what’s up next week. Last week, no biggie though. Vernon goes on.