I Don’t Wanna Here Your Shit

Two-time cancer survivor Sean Swarner is living proof of triumph against all odds. At age 13, Sean was diagnosed with life-threatening Advanced Stage IV Hodgkin’s Disease. His prognosis was critical, and doctors did not expect him to live more than three months. Yet treatment after treatment, Sean improved. His family felt his turnaround was nothing short of a miracle – until the unimaginable happened. Two years later, at age 15, doctors found a cancerous tumor in Sean’s chest wall. It was Askin’s Sarcoma, another, entirely different and potentially fatal form of cancer. This time, doctors gave him only two weeks. 


I know life is tough, but this man did only have one lung.  It is okay to complain, because I do it.  But Really?

  • Great, now I’m going to feel guilty every time I call in sick.

    • Same Here

      I felt really bad about me complaining about the news showing the traffic camera @ 10 PM.

      But I still showed typed it.