Hey Channel 7

Why the HELL would you show traffic @ 10:12 P.M. on a Sunday night?

What are you trying to convince people to avoid ‘rush hour’

Brandi Petersen I know you read my blog everyday, It’s very nice of you.

Not sure if it also get’s the ‘dumbass’ or ‘things that piss me off’ tag. 

I Report (or complain) you decide.

Beautiful Spring Day

It was really nice today, I am enjoying the budding branches.  The rest of the pictures are on the web(muh, ha, ha)!!!

Also while waiting for the bus I saw people using their cell phones while driving.  I DO NOT approve of that by anymeans, so here is pictures of ‘intresting people’ You are guilty

I Dare U.

I Dare U
I Dare U

I dare you to get into a police pursuit in Omaha. You ass is going to jail.

I think they race this at I80 Speedway!

I have more pics