She’s a snapper

Friday Night

Hung out with BK, and CP
Watched Kicking and Screaming
Played some Nintendo Wii, I so can not beat CP at any of the games, but I am working on it.
Watched a movie with Eva Longoria
Watched The Fighting Temptations.
Went to bed @ 5 AM

Got up @ 8:25-35ish
Went to the store and bought &70 in meat from Fareway with Nancy nnancy1964, when was the last time you been there?
Came home took a nap @ 1:30, back up @ 3:30
Went to the Hockey game, UNO lost 3-4.  But it was good.  The girl behind me with the Cucumber Melon was a foul mouth(but I do love that @ a Hockey game)
Went to Old Chicago, with VP, CP, SS, and BM; and had a siciliam trio calzone.  First time there, oh it was awesome.  Did what I do with the females of our species, Flirted with an awesome girl named ED, she called me sunshine (so sweet).  I may or may not have asked our server to sit down and have food with us(EE).  and Ole Little Molly and her shoes.  We were chatting and she said she like my shoes, and she was like aren’t you going to compliment my shoes.  I kinda didn’t becuase they were boring, oh and she got pissed.