Let’s Say I go to a restaurant, but they opened their first store in Downey, California on 21 March 1962.

You do not put ground beef on my flour tortilla shell, than proceed wipe off the beef.  Continue to make the Grilled Stuft Burrito.

Because if I see observe you doing that.  I will kindly ask you if you perfomed any of the above steps, and if you did.  You will be informed that you need to remake my burrito, because I don’t eat beef.

The events depicted in this blog maybe fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

Awesome site found while getting the correct spelling of the food item. 

Results Since Super Tuesday

Score Kansas Caucus – Huckabee 60%, McCain 24%, Paul 11%, Romney 3%

Louisiana Primary – Obama 57%, Clinton 36% ||| Huckabee 43%, McCain 42%, Romney 7%, Paul 5%

Nebraska Caucus – Obama 68%, Clinton 32%  We are sick of tired of Clinton, and I am glad we showed it in the polls.  GO Nebraska, we ain’t having that shit.

Washinton Caucus – Obama 68%, Clinton 31% ||| McCain 26%, Huckabee 21%, Paul 21%, Romney 16%

Main Caucus – Obama 59%, Clinton 41%

Scorecard –
Clinton 1,148 Obama 1,121 Gravel 0 – 32 of 53? Elections
McCain 723 Huckabee 217, Paul 16 – 34 of 58? Elections

Edwards and Romney have delegates and unpledged RNC but are official out so I didn’t count theirs.