Sara B.:        i hate to break it to ya…but you’ve gotta figure something out to do with your time. it will make you happier overall
OddNewer:        that’s funny
OddNewer:        Nothing is gonna make me happy, no hard I try
Sara B.:        it’s all in your attitude
Sara B.:        you can make any situation into a great one if you want it to be
Sara B.:        and that’s a fact

I then heard that shit 1,000 times, and no one BUT NO ONE, has walked a mile in my shooes but me, so they can’t understand.  It pisses me off when people say that  AAAHHHH,

100 pound eating champion, check this out, People say bigger is better.  Jennifer this is a perfect career for you. Her Official site,

Undersectary of DHS resigns

The Undersecetary(#2 guy) resigns.  He resigned becuse he was passed over not once, but twice.  Does this surprise anyone?  I would have quit too.  3 years in a job, and two different people, 1 really shitty get tapped for the job.  Boy Bush really screwed this up.

God damn heater

I go to turn down the heater, and it breaks.  The value came completely unscrewed.  Blew steam all over the apartment, and I got burned.  AAAHH

Funny Video

Don’t break my heart – Pat green.  This girl leaves her man, and then comes back.  What the man doesn’t knwo is that she came back.  He pushes the trailer in a Rivene and than buries it with dirt, it is so funny.  If only I had to do that?

Chili Supper 2005

I donate platelets at the American Red Cross.  I got this invitation for a FREE Chili Supper I don’t want to go by myself, if anyone wants to go with me give me a holler.  The Dinner is Tuesday, Febuary 22nd