What college does to a brain.

OddNewer: you didn’t answer my question
dainties18: so i dont smell
OddNewer: exately
OddNewer: but that is not exately true
dainties18: then why do i shower/
OddNewer: Hell if I know/care
dainties18: i think that’s true
OddNewer: I just know that I am a Grade AAA asshole, and LOVE it more than anything(excluding NASCAR, and saying Y’all)
dainties18: i don t know why you like being an asshole
OddNewer: do you like you?
OddNewer: Why does gravity exist
OddNewer: If I wasn’t an asshole I wouldn’t be where I am today
dainties18: how not?
OddNewer: because I would be probably dating some pain in the ass woman
OddNewer: because I would have some sorry ass 9-5 job
dainties18: and you dont want to date a woman? would you rather date a guy or just be lonely all your life?
OddNewer: I would be expected to do certain thngs
dainties18: such as?
dainties18: have sex?
dainties18: ohhh god no
dainties18: not that
OddNewer: Hell I have been lonely for 25 years, whats a few more?
dainties18: a lot more
OddNewer: and how do you know this?
OddNewer: your sorry ass can’t predict when I will die
dainties18: cuz if you live for a long time, it will be a lot more
dainties18: and being lonely sucks, i dont like it
OddNewer: who says I am goign to live a long time
OddNewer: Who cares what you like? Not me
dainties18: and what, celibacy, i presume?
dainties18: most people do
OddNewer: what the fuck are you talking abvout
OddNewer: who cares about celibacy
OddNewer: SEX
OddNewer: rules
OddNewer: all you need is a woman for that
OddNewer: No commiment
OddNewer: just fuck and dumb
dainties18: right, but you probably wont be getting any if you arent dating someone or at least seeing someone
OddNewer: p
OddNewer: uno night stands
dainties18: most women arent down with that
OddNewer: do they teach you anythign in college
OddNewer: whores
dainties18: yes that most women dont do one night stands
OddNewer: whores, adn more whores
dainties18: you would pay a woman to have sex with you
OddNewer: yeah
OddNewer: at least everythign would be clear
dainties18: why the hell would you do that? its expensive
dainties18: and diseases
dainties18: and you’de have to use a condom
OddNewer: diseases
OddNewer: who cares
OddNewer: I wouldn’t have to use a condom
dainties18: then you’de get a disease
dainties18: she might make you
OddNewer: gotta die of somethign, meant as will be somethign you got having sex
dainties18: that is fucked up reasoning
dainties18: by someone you dont even know
OddNewer: who are you to judge my reasoning?
OddNewer: Do you pay my bills?
dainties18: are you that scared of being in a relationship?
dainties18: that you cant commit
OddNewer: I am in a relationship
dainties18: yourself doesnt count
dainties18: like masturbation isnt sex
OddNewer: who said that
dainties18: who said what?
OddNewer: You are such a idiot
dainties18: how so?
OddNewer: because I said so
dainties18: you would
dainties18: and i didnt drop out of school
OddNewer: so
dainties18: so you did
OddNewer: and it is the best move I ever made
dainties18: how so?
OddNewer: I am proud of the fact that some panzy ass people couldn’t force me to do something they beleived was the right thing
OddNewer: College is a scam
dainties18: how is that?
dainties18: cuz it makes you smart
OddNewer: ‘What does college give you
OddNewer: makes you smart
OddNewer: no
OddNewer: You are either smart or not smart
dainties18: where are you going to go in life with no degree
OddNewer: and that has no bearing on how happy you are goign to be in life
OddNewer: yeah
OddNewer: I lived 25 years without a stupid peace of paper
dainties18: then what makes you happy
OddNewer: the fact that I can wake up at 10 am and play video games
dainties18: yeah and because of that you are probably going to work at fast food forever
OddNewer: so
OddNewer: What’s wrong with that?
dainties18: that’s not a career
OddNewer: so
OddNewer: who needs a career?
dainties18: and it doesnt pay well
dainties18: people who want to be repectable
OddNewer: Do I pay my bells
OddNewer: yes
OddNewer: so it pays well
dainties18: being 50 and working at BK is not respectable
OddNewer: respectable?
OddNewer: Do I care what someone thinks about me, NO, NO, NO
OddNewer: If you don’t like the King, you can kiss him between the crack of his ass
dainties18: thats just nasty
OddNewer: As long as I have enough to support my wife and kids I am happy
dainties18: i thought you didnt want a wife
dainties18: yeah but what if you meet someone and fall in love
OddNewer: I would probably work at Subway or Wendy’s just so we are clear
OddNewer: so
OddNewer: They are going to love me for me
OddNewer: Not some piece of paper
dainties18: and when they want you getting a real job?
OddNewer: well then they can kiss me between the crack of my ass just like the rest of the world
OddNewer: I don’t live by othere people standards, I set the standard