This is for some advice for the King. I met this girl named ‘Amy?’ at the Relaxation Station at the Crossroads mall. Man did she give a good ‘free’ back rub. But that has absolutley nothing to do with anything. I was just wondering would it be okay to ask her out.

King Vernon

  • is this why you called me?

    does this make me an advisor to the king?


    • yes it is why I called you. You were the 1st person I thought to call.

  • Go for it King Vernon!

    • Thank you, and can I tell you that I did, and she said YES, to going to the hockey game. whip it good

      • đŸ™‚ you da man King Vernon

  • nice…I wish i got free back rubs:-/ good luck with things

    • She was advertisign the product

  • dear King Vernon:

    (from Kim)

    Anyone who gives a good rub down is worth asking out