funny beyond relief:

[23:11:21] OddNewer: for the king’s own enjoyment: The King would like to know what he has to offer you that makes your life so much better that you would like to be his friend
[23:12:00] dainties18: because, friends are good to have
[23:13:31] OddNewer: well I will report this to the King, but I am his most trusted advisor and have to tell you that he is going to laugh all night, if that is all you have to offer on that question. May you and your land persish in it’s desire to have friends, ‘because, friends are good to have’ philosophy
[23:14:08] dainties18: why don’t you want to be my friend
[23:16:18] OddNewer: I don’t make decisions for this Kingdom, but being how I am a citizen in this WONDERFUL Kingdom of Vernon. A friend of the King has to offer the King something, you have nothing the King wants except a roll in the sack. Less than that he doesn’t need friends like you. You are nothing but worthless
[23:16:56] dainties18: fine. . . then a roll in the sack
[23:18:13] OddNewer: well, I will let the King now, but from what I know of your sorry ass, that isn’t going to happen so I wouldn’t expect much in return. You are not worthy enough to serve the King. You are a closed-minded uncaring being.
[23:18:43] dainties18: how am i closed minded and/or uncaring
[23:20:04] OddNewer: well the King says that what you are and has no need to justify his decrees. But if you look deep inside you will remember how you are closed minded and uncaring
[23:20:17] OddNewer: if you can’t remember you are worse off than you even know
[23:22:26] OddNewer: and another thing. This King doesn’t need any lawyer types around, bc if you disagree/break his laws he just will cut off yoru fucking head. No need for lawyers/law type persons around here
[23:22:54] dainties18: well, i am no longer pursuing law anyway
[23:26:21] OddNewer: what are you pursuing now?
[23:26:34] dainties18: international studies, no more law
[23:26:44] OddNewer: oh look, the King doesn’t need that kind of shit either.
[23:27:16] OddNewer: We don’t need to relate to anyone outside the Kingdom, they can all kiss up between the crack of our King Vernon loving ass
[23:27:29] OddNewer: you really are useless besides for a good pokey