I still got it

So in 1999/2000 I met this girl. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would ever hear from you again-you are still on my top ten list!  Where are you?  Did you ever go back to Cedar Point?  In school?working?  Married?  Well, I am still in school.  I work with children at a local hospital and I am a resident advisor at Marshall.  I miss riding coasters with you at night!  I hope you havent forgotten me-let me know everything?

  • wooo ladies man. heheh.

    • hey, I only slept(SLEPT, nothing more) with her 1 time. I wasn’t dating anyone at the time. It was fun. Not many people appeciated me sleeping with someone’s girlfriend. But I oviosly didn’t care than, and I know I don’t care now.