NASCAR rain-ed out

Last year television made a big fuss about the wet weather gear being at Watkins Glen.  Didn’t they have it this year?  why cancel practice?

NJ Governor Gay

    It’s a shame he was forced to retire bc he felt it would affect his governing ability.  Thanks to Grace and Kim I am a proud support of gay and gay rights.  This is deftinly a violation of those. 

Intelligence Czar

Why can’t the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency be in charge of the Intelligence of America?  I wonder?

Montana or Utah

I am applying for a couple of jobs for the winter.  It should be cool.  I think the one in MT will winI have to pay Utah a $400 retainer.

I still got it

So in 1999/2000 I met this girl. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would ever hear from you again-you are still on my top ten list!  Where are you?  Did you ever go back to Cedar Point?  In school?working?  Married?  Well, I am still in school.  I work with children at a local hospital and I am a resident advisor at Marshall.  I miss riding coasters with you at night!  I hope you havent forgotten me-let me know everything?