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  • yeah. im still getting freaking medical bills too

    i hate sitting and thinking about what im gonna do..
    ive lost lots of motivation too. i just cry about.. like a big fat idiot.


    part of me says to tell you to go to school. but when you really dont want to i dont know…
    i mean i keep telling myself to keep going to school. why i dont freaking know..

    school. ack..

    and billing people that are mentally unstable isnt gonna help them. i mean i can see medical bills for injuries but when everything already fell apart so bad that you wanted to die/disappear how is it supposed to make you feel better to say ooh look you owe us this astronomical amount that you can NEVER pay back!!! BWUAHHAHAH and now were gonna harass you and threaten you with jail time.


    if i wasnt happy and stable that would be enough to make me try to jump off a bridge for fucks sakes..

    i dont know vernon..
    i cant think for you in this situation.

    hell im having trouble thinking for myself
    i just want someone to step in and say do this or else!
    so im forced to do exactly that.

    take all the weight off me le sigh…..

    take a load off annie.. take a load for free.. take a load off annie and you put the load… right on right on me.. thats a good song by the band..
    but of course that does nothing for the post. other than entertain my small mind for a few seconds..