I just found out

So I got fired as an RA.  It was a shame what happened.  But the bitch that fired me got promoted.  If that isn’t boiling my ass a pot sure in the hell ain’t

Song of me

Theme songs of your life
by eponine
your name?
love song: there you'll be – faith hill
depressing song: you were meant for me – jewel
party song: crazy love – boomkat
what-the-hell-ever song: stacy's mom – fountains of wayne
your life fighter – christina aguilera
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Some of it is pretty accurate. 
love song.  If someone loves you they will be there.  Faith Hill is County – good
Depressing song. pretty accurate because I can only think of one person that is meant for me, but we shall never have it
Party song – haven’t heard it.  Maybe I will try to find it listen and judge: judged it Is NOT that good
what-the-hell-ever song.  what-the-hell-ever
your life. not so true anymore.

Load off

I lied to Xzvz about going back to school. I finally told the truth, felt better. The only problem is she said ‘well that’s ok for right now but be sure to keep in mind that if God didn’t have a purpose for you, you wouldn’t be here!‘ Well I say fuck this god thingy. I am not a beleiver and HATE having other people’s religion pushed off on me. Everything is cool with Xzvz except that, and she said trying to commit sucide was selfish. I have the right mind to dismiss her, I have done it before and sure it shall happen agian. Not something I wouldn’t do to have totally peace and tranquility in my world.