I am so juvinile

so I talked to Rebecca last night. She actually answered the question about her period. Totally blew my mind. She got really pissed and called me juvinile because I wouldn’t answer any fucking questions about me. 1. What happens in my life is none of her fucking business. 2. she can kiss the crack of my black ass. Her roommate can too, she is a nosy bitch who don’t know me. If I wasn’t me I would punch her in the fucking face. Nosy roommates that is what they are. Then she had the ordasity to say that she was going to ask Dusti Questions. But Dusti is sworn to scerecy so she can a-b-c that plan. I just want to jump in lake superior and drown myself. Only a matter of time. days


She has something to say, she must be crazy. Thinking she is going to call at 1 AM, why past my bedtime.