yeah fucking right. you found out in the morning that you had something to do. YET YOU TAKE YOUR SORRY ASS TIME LETTING ME KNOW. I know what it takes. I was online you could have e-mailed/im’ed/call me when you walked your ‘caring ass'(and I use that phrase lightly). I had people miss a once a week class to come talk to me in the hospital. I had no word baid and this person made me feel better. even if you HAD to do this thing at 4, I am sure there was time between morning practice and 4 here we could have talked. This pisses me off because you say you care about me. THAT’S A LIE. You on 2 different occasions have called my friend a liar, which is a shame. You say one thing or do one thing then say another. I don’t need this shit. I tried to talk this though with you on several occasions. You call me immature because I don’t want to come sit in your fucking room to discuss this. It is not to much to go to a neutral place, I didn’t ask you to part the sea. Youi are the current and only problem I have. You don’t want to talk about it, so fuck you. I don’t know what I need, but I do know what I don’t need. THAT IS YOU DOING THIS TO ME. You may think I am immature, BUT AT LEAST i AM HONEST WITH MY FEELINGS. Everyone I have talked to about this problem doesn’t know what yours is. I have defended you to the nth degree because I thought you were a good person. I can’t and am NOT going to deal with it anymore. You can take the biggest stick you can find turn that son-bitch sideways and shove it right up your ass. DON’T REPLY TO THIS OR THERE MAY BE A NASTY AUTO-REPLY YOU WON’T LIKE. I hope you enjoy your new fucking boyfriend, his house, and the respect he show you. I AM GOING TO DO MY BEST TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM WITH THE HELP OF MY FRIENDS, and thr intention you are too weak to confront this problem.


This is HOPEFULLY the last communication between us. lord/anybody help me!!!