Mixed signal fro Miss RGK

[16:02:47] Rebecca K.: if i didnt have a boyfriend, could we be friends
[16:03:10] OddNew: WE may never know
[16:03:46] Rebecca K.: why
[16:04:02] OddNew: bc you have a bf
[16:05:14] Rebecca K.: what if i said that i will dump him, then can we be friends
[16:05:29] OddNew: how would that make him feel
[16:05:38] OddNew: I don’t want to be just friends with you
[16:06:03] Rebecca K.: he will understand and we will be friends again cuz we started out ar friends
[16:06:24] OddNew: well that’s all nice and dandy
[16:06:29] OddNew: but it’s not helping me
[16:08:26] Rebecca K.: how not, if i dont have a bf, we dont have a problem
[16:08:53] OddNew: your’e right, now you and him have a problem,, and I still have a problem
[16:10:08] Rebecca K.: what will be your problem and he will undrstand

Is that a mixed signal, because she doesn’t think it is. I do