You say you don’t have a hard time dealing with you emotions. I know that is how you feel, but I disagree with you. But my opinion doesn’t matter in this case, it kinda effects me but it is your choice. I just think that if you didn’t have a problem dealing with you emotions, you would have told me why you needed me when I asked you. You may have had to leave right away, but I did send you an e-mail at the beginning of the day, and a couple throughout. It would be nice to have an answer, I need closure on this issue. You have a boyfriend, and I still like you. There is no reason to keep this going on, it is not helping me. You are sending me mixed signals, and I need to get on with my life. You have made a choice to not be with me as a girlfriend, in my opinion. You want to be friends, but the way things are going that is ill advised right now. Several people are in agreement with me that it is a stupid way to go. Seeing as how I still love you and you don’t want to be my girlfriend anymore. It is going to be better for both of us. I will be able to get though my problem of not having a family easier if I am not trying to figure out if you want to be with me or not. That will be one less thing on my plate, no reason to let it keep nagging me.