Girls suck in fiction also

So I am reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. There’s this girl who likes Harry. ‘Cho’ Let me just pharaphase. This is after Harry gets done teaching a class. Pg. 455-456

“No, you go on,” he heard her say to her friend Marietta, and his heart gave a jolt that seemed to take it into the region of his Adam’s apple.
He pretended to be straightening the cushion pile. He was quite sure they were alone now and waited for her to speak. Instead, he heard a hearty sniff.
He turned and saw Cho standing in the middle of the room, tears pouring doen her face. (this is where my said, what the fuck is going on)
He didn’t know what to do. She was simply standing there, crying silently.
“what’s up? He said feebly.


“Miseltoe,” said Cho quietly, pointing at the ceiling over his head.
Skip a couple line
“I really like you, Harry” (why the hell she just didn’t say that instead of fake crying)

This is such crap. this book is writtern by a lady. Why not just tell HP that you like him and get it over with?

  • wa wa wa WHAT!?

    sorry i am harry potter illiterate

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      You wouldn’t understand unless you read the 3rd and 4th book. The two charcters are not listed until then. In addition, I am going though something like this, you would know if you read my journal. So right now I am kinda bias towards girls. Nothing against anyone who is not her.

      • la te da

        i have been reading actually.

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          Well than you should catch who Cho and Cederic are very soon, What book are you on?

          • whoops

            ive been reading your journal not harry potter… sorry about the confusion..
            as for books im on speech and voice science and language developement hahahah… both of which are far far distant cries from harry potter

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            Yes, very far from it, but not muggle studies as Hermonie encountered

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            thats actually the name of someone david bowie used to be in love with